Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shoes, Shoes, Little Black Shoes

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the Capezio 650 character shoe

Years ago, I was a Kit-Kat girl in a production of Cabaret at my alma mater (and yes I did wear them with black fishnets like those above). The director wanted a man in drag and she asked me if I'd do it, since she didn't think any of the college boys would be comfortable. I wasn't particularly comfortable with it either (there's a reason I'm not a drag queen...I'm one uuuuuuugly woman.) But I said I would--it seemed like a lark. I knew I could walk and dance in heels but had never tried it in a real pair of dance shoes. So I ordered a pair like those pictured above in an 11. They were remarkably comfortable, I just need a little bit of moleskin at the heel to prevent blisters.

I dragged them out of storage over the weekend for a number I'm doing in South Pacific. They need some polish and edge dressing to cover scuffs from that production; they also need to be stretched a little in the toe but are still remarkably comfortable (yes, I've been wearing them around the house today to reacclimate myself.) Dance rehearsals start next week...I'm oddly excited. They make my calf muscles look great.

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Radish King said...

I swear, there is nothing, nothing, that lifts the spirit like a fine pair of shoes. Nothing. Not even Jesus.