Wednesday, June 13, 2007

This Biz We Call Po'

This week has been crazy and good lord it's only Wednesday. It's been a cycle of work, home, rehearsal, home. No real time to do more than cursory reads of blogs or news or email. I feel dreadfully uninformed. But I've been jotting down random lines and images like crazy. I've taken to carrying a pocket sized notebook and pen(cil) with me at work. It always seems to happen this way--I get a block of unoccupied time and I think: great, I'll write and work on some poems. The time comes, I sit down, nothing comes. When I'm seriously overprogrammed though, that's when the new work starts pouring out. I'm not complaining, mind...just noting.


Poems have found homes. Huzzah. More info. once I know more myself. I'm very pleased, one is an oldy that I've always loved but was never sure of.


Keith Woodruff said...

Great news R.J., on finding homes for your poems. All ears here.

Pamela said...