Wednesday, June 6, 2007


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The daylilies are going nuts. There's going to be a profusion of blooms this summer judging by the buds they've shot up. A couple of weeks ago I was talking to a friend about them and she said "They're really almost vulgar when they're happy." Indeed--and I'm fine with that.

I might've mocked the name, but Bug-Geta is effective. (Note to Pamela: I've tried the beer approach in the past with no success--my dog Bella also likes beer, it seems. BTW--regarding roses...have you ever tried spent teabags broken up and scattered around? They're also good for other acid loving plants--ferns especially--but I've seen good results with a few of the old fashioned roses I got from my grandmother's place.)

Some of the tomatoes are blooming. I'm going to sow some turnip and kale seed this weekend on the far side of the property as a decoy garden for deer. It's near the fruit trees (which I never harvest b/c generally the fruit's mealy and hard) and they feed out there through the summer anyway. I'm curious to see how well this tactic works. A few online organic gardening places swear by it as do a few of my friends.

I've been strafed twice today by hummingbirds while working in the yard. This happened last week as well when I was working in the same spot. Curious.


Auditions went well last night . I did my thing and it's now out of my hands. I should know the casting decision tonight. There were a lot of good people and a fair amount of silliness and hamming around in the down times.


The "long poem" is cooking along. Four sections are done...or nearly so...but of course by done I mean "worked to a point that I'm not embarrassed by them". The process feels clue what's really happening here...just writing and cutting and playing...feeling my way through the dark.

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