Saturday, June 9, 2007

West Virginny Chainsaw Masacre

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Thursday night's read-through's go with an anagram shall we?...SERF CUT LUCK.

Although scheduled to begin at 6:00, key people (like ooooh, the director and two of the leads) weren't there until after 7:30 (one didn't show at all.) Tons and tons of bloviating just so people can hear themselves speak. No cast lists to help identify who's who (minor quibble maybe, but it would've made the reading much simpler if we could've known who we had on hand and who we needed to fill in for when their lines came up). Honestly...I'm set for a full on screaming diva blowup if this sort of thing continues...and since it's been par for the course so far...I see no reason to believe it won't.


The tomatoes are growing marvelously so far, a few early blooms popping up here and there. Trying to get caught up this weekend on my own weeding and trimming--so much to do that I honestly don't know where to start. The rains have sent everything into overdrive. My acidanthera and tigridia bulbs are growing madly and I love them for cut flowers. The seedlings are thriving but I've now lost my little planting plot to the bed so I don't know what's what...I'm pretty sure there are some weeds creeping in there but for now I'll leave them be--just until I know exactly what I'm dealing with. I'm thinking of hitting the nursery this week and grabbing 4 or 5 things to fill in there just in case I'm looking at more weeds than flowers.

I have all the stuff I need for the decoy garden--straw to mulch, kale seed, turnip seed and rutabaga seed. (FYI--you can fit one bale of commercially prepared straw into the hatchback of a Ford Focus ZX3.) As soon as it's dried off I'll go out and cut the grass down to the ground, rake it up and broadcast. It's going in near the edge of the meadow as far away from the tomatoes and herbs as I can get it. This seems a good plan--yesterday afternoon I saw a young buck grazing in the meadow about 20 yards from where I plan to plant. If I can keep them drawn to that part of the property it's all to the good. I might check into putting a salt lick out there just to make sure they're attracted.


I learned to operate a chainsaw this morning. Frightening. A friend asked me to do some trimming and maintenance on shrubs and things near her house next week. She also wants a large (and invasive) rose of sharon removed. I found someone willing to loan me the 'saw and teach me how to use it. All I kept thinking was--don't cut off your leg. I'm not sure if I can muster the testicular fortitude to carry through with this. I'm pretty confident that if you haven't used a chainsaw by the time you turn 30, you probably never should.

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