Wednesday, June 27, 2007


It is unseasonably hot and humid here. It's not usually this muggy and stifling until mid-July or August. Everything else I've wanted to do with the gardening at home and the beds at work has gone by the wayside. The main thing now is just keeping it all watered. The tomatoes, those contrary things, love it.


I'm a bad sleeper even under the best conditions and this old farmhouse just sucks in heat and holds onto it, making getting deeply asleep impossible. The heat's also irritated Fletcher who's taken to running about and yowling to be let out each night, usually about half an hour after I'm asleep. Shorter version: everyone here is cranky.


We choreographed the big dance number I'm in last night. It went well enough--even in the heels. After 3 hours though, I was ready to go home and ceased being such a cooperative camper.

In related news, the original director for the show quit last week. Things seem to be going better without him.

Brian's going to see Kathy Griffin tonight at a theatre down the street from his apartment. I'm frankly jealous and wish I could go, but my rehearsal schedule won't allow it. I'll be heading east to see him Saturday, though and staying until July 5th. I'm ready to go now.

Big Ups to C Dale and Jacob. I got the Amazon gift certificate and finally figured out what to order. I'm looking forward to even more book shopping while I'm out of town. There's so much I want to get my hands on right now it's not funny.

I bought a hula hoop today. Sad that what one could do easily at 10 is nearly impossible now.


Brent Goodman said...

Hey break a leg (not a heel!) at the performance. I not so gracefully bowed out of a second summer run of Once Upon a Mattress to enjoy my evenings. Wish I could see your show! You better post pics. PS - I was a 4th grade hoola hoop champion.

RJGibson said...

Thanks Brent. I'm trying my darnedest...I'm actually more worried about stepping on and breaking my dance partner's foot. Luckily she was a KitKat girl back in the day so we're having a great time.

I totally understand not wanting to sacrifice time...but this year marks my 20th anniversary with the theatre and I didn't want to pass it up.

I was reigning jump rope champ 3rd through 5th grade.