Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Hitting the Boards

Last night was the first set of auditions for the community theatre's summer production of South Pacific. I hemmed and hawed about auditioning--mainly because I knew I was going to be gone for a week during production and I just hate doing that. I got an ok from the powers that be about the absence and went.

It was fun--a little singing, a little cold line reading, a little choreography (not so fun for me), a little catch up with people I only seem to see during the summer shows. This will be my (gasp) 20th year with the group.

I was haunted throughout auditions by a line from Aaron's poem "Casino Royale 2006" in the new MIPOesias...it's hard to sing "Nothin' Like a Dame" when a) you don't really believe that and b) you have the phrase "veiny/ and strange" running through your head. Lots of good stuff there if you've not checked it out yet.

I have to report back for more auditioning tonight.

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anything but poetry said...

I'm glad that line stuck in...ummm...I mean, with you...