Sunday, June 3, 2007

Still Love You Like That, Da Da Da Da

Finally we've gotten a few rains. Huzzah. No need to keep lugging around the portable sprayer. The downside is I've found myself wandering about the house singing "Here Comes the Rain Again" to myself in my best Elmer Fudd voice (which, honestly, is not that good.)


Went to see Knocked Up with my friend Eric yesterday. Funny flick. Well, there was one bit that I had to cover my eyes for. Some great ad-libbed bits between Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd (not as funny as the "You know how I know you're gay" bits from 40 Year Old Virgin but funny.) Equally funny was the senior couple who were at the end of our row. It's a little odd listening to a man old enough to be your grandfather explaining what a "BJ" is to a woman old enough to be your grandmother. Funny enough that I wasn't pissed at them for being loud.


One batch of poems submitted this weekend. Hoping to get the next batch out by the end of the week. The long poem has a title (which will most likely be changed by the time it's finished) and is proceeding...slowly.


Have decided to gird up my loins and battle the slugs this summer. They're always about but I usually leave them be. They seem really plentiful this year and are wreaking havoc in all my beds. Basil leaves like swiss cheese and all my hosta transplants look rasped. It also makes walking barefoot a dangerous prospect.

I'm trying to figure out the least harmful way to kill them...I don't want to kill any of the other beneficial critters who live in the beds, but surely, the slugs must die. I went to a couple of the garden centers looking for bait, killers, whatever so I could price them and see if they'd do the job just not kill everything else. In the midst of the search I found this:

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I love it, Geta. Not Getr but the more urban Geta. Though I think it should be spelled "Getta." I started singing the Ini Kamoze song "Here Comes the Hotstepper" to myself in Lowe's but reworked it to being about killing slugs "Here Comes the BugGeta, murderer/ I'm the gastropod gangster, murderer" etc, etc.

Sometimes I'm too geeky to be around people.


Montgomery Maxton said...

Bug Geta, tooooooo funny.

Pamela said...

Beer kills slugs/snails. Leave some in a dish overnight. It may take a few days to inebriate them all.

That's #1 in my 2 food and gardening tips--#2 (unsolicited advice here, I know, but I'm liek that!): Put banana peels at the base of your rosebushes, and let them decompose. You'll be surprised how good the blooms will be).