Friday, January 12, 2007


I am not a neat person. I'm a stacker, a piler, I make three-foot Jenga towers out of books and magazines. I am currently rethinking this as a life-strategy. I wanted to post a poem from Linda Gregg's Chosen by the Lion yesterday but couldn't find my copy. Anywhere. Now there's a few possible reasons for this--a) it could be in the mess somewhere, b) it could be in storage in a box (but I doubt this, as I remember having it in hand within the last year), or c) I could've loaned it to someone and then forgotten it. Right now, a and c are the front-runners. I'm always amazed when I go to people's homes and they're neat. It astounds me. Truly, this is a sense of discipline or a virtue I missed out on. Thankfully, the mess pictured above is not mine. I'm not quite that bad.

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