Monday, January 8, 2007

Charm City Comedown

I just got back from Baltimore after a nine-day stay with the boyfriend. I have a curious affection for Baltimore, one that I still don't understand completely. Sure, I love John Waters, SpankRock, crabcakes and the occassional bit from Anne Tyler. Sure, I don't quite get the "Believe" ad campaign--it reminds me too too much of the Elton John single and video from the mid-90s, but THIS ad campaign, I get...I just don't think it works the way the designers wanted it to. As a disclaimer--this is NOT the same billboard I saw for the past nine days from Brian's apartment and balcony while smoking. That billboard is at the juncture of a couple of streets, about 5 or so blocks from Brian's building. At JUST the right height for his apartment. It was inescapable. I could see it from the kitchen, I could see it from the couch. I couldn't get a decent image of it with my crappy camera phone; this pic was the only image I found on the tubes. Obviously, you can read the big "Virgin" with no problem. Underneath it, in a nice serif font it says "Tell Your Kids It's Not A Dirty Word." Treacley as this message is, my big problem is the "Virgin" design element. Yea, I get it--it's "graffiti." How urban, how street. How like a bloodstain on a sheet. I mean really--did they think this particular shade of red was effective? There's also apparently a bus version. I was highly disappointed that I never got to see one of those while in town. Maybe next time.

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