Friday, January 19, 2007

Mon Armor

What is it with conservative christians and armor? Bad enough that they cherry pick from rabbinical law; if nothing else proves they can't be trusted to interpret metaphor or allegory it's The Armor of God Pajamas.

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I know I can't wait to sleep in silver lame with a helmet. And at 50.00 a pop what kid (or budding clubber) wouldn't?

But wait--RJ, you're being unfair! Look at what they get for their 50.00
  • Pajama Top with breastplate of righteousness and hem of truth.
  • Pajama Pant with wings of peace to cover feet.
  • Helmet of Salvation.
  • Shield of Faith pillow.
  • Sword of the Spirit (New Testament).
  • Activity coloring book.

Perhaps I am being harsh. They are, after all, getting both pajama tops and bottoms. Why would I think that this was some crass attempt to market crap to a specialized audience.

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