Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Gird Up Your Loins, O Israel

Harper's has a great article about the christian right's attempts to recontextualize American history as divinely inspired.

A brief mention in the article of the Family Vision Forum catalog led me to these educational gems. They have product lines for boys (The All American Boy's Adventure)and girls (The Beautiful Girlhood Collection.)

According to their website the Boy's product line meets a need not being met by the culture at large. The time has come to rebuild a culture of courageous boyhood. The All-American Boy’s Adventure Catalog is one step on that journey. Within this section of our site, you will find inspirational gifts and concepts to build the character of a boy. Every toy, tool, and book has been carefully selected to fit the overall concept designed to inspire and motivate boys to dream big dreams for the glory of God.

And how else to inspire those big dreams than to buy Junior his very own set of armor, complete with sword, all for $177.00 (before shipping.) A steal since it's all metal.

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The little explorer can have his own Sacagawea facsimile!
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It is 1805, and you are Sacagawea, guiding Lewis and Clark through the wilds of the Pacific Northwest, or Pocahontas in 1606, gathering food in the forest and meeting the colonists at Jamestown for the first time. This year, as we celebrate Jamestown’s four-hundredth anniversary, re-enact Pocahontas’s historic role with this stately tunic.

Smallpox blankets and cholera samples are apparently not available at this time.

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