Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tat for Tarts

Excerpted from Yahoo News.

Faced with declining demand for their intricate doilies, the lacemakers of this Polish mountain community [Korniakow] came up with a solution: sexy underwear.
The business-boosting idea has given a new lease of life to Koniakow's 200-year-old cottage industry, but opponents say it is immoral and an insult to past customers...."Traditional lacecraft was too expensive, so it wasn't selling anymore. We weren't making a living. A friend jokingly said: 'Why don't you start making g-strings!'

"I took his word for it, and made one for myself and then for my friends. They were a hit," said Malgorzata Sanaszek.

Whether black, red or decked with flower motifs, and however little they leave to the imagination, the g-strings are made using handicraft techniques stretching back some two centuries in southern Poland.

But they have some advantages over traditional table ware.

"Making a g-string is even easier than making a tablecloth," said Krystyna Kaisar, an experienced lacemaker in her 50s.

A tablecloth can take between a week and six months to produce, depending on its size and detail. A g-string -- which sells for about 25 to 30 euros (32 to 38 dollars) -- takes about a day.

"It also brings in more money," said Kaisar.

Frankly...I think sexy is lost in translation. I don't know of any women who'd want a crotch doily.

Upon further examination--does the crotch look funny to you? and the placement of the heart? I think that could cause some unfortunate abrasion and chafing.

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