Tuesday, July 24, 2007


The run of the show went well overall...bigger crowds than I'd expected (esp. since there were few to no roles for younger children and that seems to be what really puts asses in seats here)...but I am seriously glad it's over. More time for my own life and I can tend my garden which is getting rebellious on me.


Dreamt this morning that I woke, looked out the window and saw it raining. Never realized it was a dream at all until it was pointed out to me that it was dry outside. It's raining now though. Slow and drizzly.


Bought and finished the last Harry Potter this weekend and I'm left with a "this is all there is?" sort of feeling. Not wholly negative, not wholly positive, either.

Catching up on comments from the last couple of days here...feel free to skip this lot.

Peter: Excepting Saturday's night from hell, the run of the show was excellent. There was some sort of total cast meltdown Saturday--no one could focus and the audience was just useless...totally low affect and near-t0-unresponsive. Hard to generate energy if there's nothing to work from.

Aaron: It's not so much I'm secure...it's more I've hit this sort of Zen about things...I just don't give a feck.

Radish: This show has grown on me as I've done it...and it's all due to the music. I'm still wandering around singing tunes from it.

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