Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tales From the Make Up Chair

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A compendium of things said to me or that I've overheard while getting ready each night. Check back--I'll update as the show progresses.

Keith (to me): Be sure to rouge your nipples. Not too much though; you want them looking perky-- not puffy. Puffy nipples could mean there's an infection.

Jerry (to me): What's wrong with your chest? Do you shave it? Chest hair's not supposed to look like that.

Some Random Girl: I wish I had to stuff my bra.

??(Can't remember who to me): Your dove tattoos look much better tonight. Last night it looked like you had a map of Texas above each tit.

Update from 7-19:

Nurse: I've ruined my boobs. Where's Anthony? He's really good with my boobs.

(I've realized that I'm essentially 12. Boob jokes always amuse me.)


Keith Woodruff said...

Cracks me up.

There was a skit a million years ago on Saturday Live (before it withered) in which they mentioned Raymond Burr nipple rouge.

I have always remembered the bit and still try and find ways to throw Raymond Burr nipple rouge into conversations. Imagine the difficulty with that!

RJGibson said...

Oy..Raymond Burr and nipples in the same sentence...I cannot go on.