Friday, July 20, 2007

Tha Good, Tha Bad and The Ugly

Opening night was a success...overall. A few minor problems, but the crowd loved the show. A little shy of capacity, which surprised me...I wasn't expecting much in the way of audience numbers. The weather's supposed to be really temperate so I'm hoping we keep pulling in people.

The girl who's doing our tattoos for the show is phenomenal--she freehands the craziest stuff in just a short amount of time. By the time she was done with me I looked like I could be on Cops. I know some people were snapping pics as she worked and after she was done, so I'm hoping to get some of them. My favorite tatt is the topless hula girl who looks like Lucille Ball.

On to the disasters: oddly, about 4 of us had moments early on where our throats just seemed to lock up on us and we fought to sing at capacity the rest of the night. In Act II I have a line that's supposed to be belted out in full falsetto--I opened my mouth and it just wasn't there. I'd never had that problem before in rehearsal; I'd always just open my mouth and blare it out. So today is a lot of vocal rest, water and an herbal tea that's gotten me through other shows in the past. Additionally, my coconuts came untied in the middle of "HoneyBun." I made it through...the audience had no idea, but they got a good laugh from it. It's a pity that trying to do something like that intentionally never seems to work....

Here's a couple of pics from the final dress rehearsal. More to follow

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Bloody Mary and I seem to be channeling Norma Desmond idea when in the show this takes place

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The less said about this the better

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The kickline from "Honey Bun"

Forgot to mention--these photos are courtesy of my friend Nancy.


Peter said...

Great pics!
Hope the run goes well.

anything but poetry said...

You are one secure woman to post the pics...go girl...

Radish King said...

I would love to see this show. I know all the songs!