Thursday, July 19, 2007

T-Minus 8 and Other Things

In a little under 8 hours, we'll have opening night. Last night was the final dress rehearsal and it went really really well...too well for my liking. Just about the only superstition I have about how the run of a show will go is "bad final dress, good opening night." I dropped and transposed a couple of lines last night...nothing we didn't manage least I did something wrong.

Regarding actor superstitions...this is perhaps the grossest I know of...a former castmate always wore the same clothes to the theatre from first dress rehearsal to closing night...Everything..shirt, pants, undies, socks...never laundered any of it. I'm glad I was never particularly near him in past shows.

Hopefully Tuesday will bring some production photos. My outfit for "Honey Bun" in Act II is particularly good. Tassles, camo, coconuts and heels.


We had a scheduled power outage this morning...god knows why....but it was nice. I perced some coffee on the stove top and sat around finishing up What's Written On the Body. I've been reading through it before bed at night as a little treat to myself for not murdering people during rehearsals. It's made me want to write. I love reading work by people with a different aesthetic and relationship to language than my own...always so much possibility there.

While the power was out I had the back door open to let in some breeze and to hear the rain. I was running around in a pair of boxers just enjoying my day off, talking to the cat, idly scratching when I heard voices outside. Mens' voices. Apparently today's the day that the power company dudes came to read the meter. I was standing in the doorway looking out when they walked by. So close to a scene from a porno...well..maybe bear porn. They seemed a little hostile to my immodesty.

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