Wednesday, July 18, 2007

And Now For Something Completely Different

The other day I was flipping around and caught part of a documentary on BBC America called Love Me, Love My Doll about men who have the high quality silicone "companion" dolls. I saw part of two profiles. One was an Englishman, fond of posing his dolls in day-t0-day situations (reading the newspaper) and photographing them with himself in the picture. He also kept his mother's room as a shrine, down to the point that there was a note on the garbage can saying it was not to be emptied or added to. The other was a rather scary guy from rural VA who was also into guns. I couldn't watch more than was just too prurient. It's one thing to do documentaries about's another thing to highlight the oddities of people too socially awkward to form strong bonds with other humans.

Needless to say this reminded me of something I read about in Spin last month. There are apparently sex dolls for dogs now.

This is the Hotdoll.

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It is apparently an appropriate object choice for dogs that hump things.

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More can be found here.


anything but poetry said...

I have no idea what to do with this entire

Anne said...

That is Just. So. Wrong.