Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kulinary Kudzu

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Behold, the patty pan squash...my botanical bete noire, the bane of my gardening existence. Sure, the zucchini gets a bad rap for its sheer bounty, but nothing I've ever seen compares to this particular squash for its unwelcome exuberance. The squashes seem to go from unripe to overlarge and inedible in a matter of hours. With most veggies I can accurately gauge how long it will be until they're ripe enough. Not these bastards. What one morning is a cute wee squash has become by the next tough and the size of a discus. And even though its been throwing out squashes for weeks now, the patch is still thick with blossoms and embryonic squashes. The large ones, though relatively worthless for dining make great vessels for flower arrangements. I made about 10 this morning for the dining room. But I know that there are more out there in the patch, sucking up the sun, engorging as I try to forget them. I want to napalm the whole damned lot.

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