Monday, July 2, 2007


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Heddo from Baltimore. I managed to get my carcass up and moving at 5 am on Saturday and was at Brian's just before 11:30. There was some fierce fog in places so I was sensible and slowed down. At one point I was at the top of a mountain and looked out above me, blue sky and clouds. Then I looked down at the terrain ahead of seemed like even more cumulus clouds rising up from the valleys.
The weather's been lovely--not too humid, not too hot...delightful. We wandered around the Inner Harbor and did some shopping Saturday (Brian bought me the shoes pictured above.) Being a weekend, there were tons of people out...the best thing we saw? Nope, not the girl in the square dancing outfit. The guy in the inflatable crab outfit pimping for his restaurant. There will be pictures--I promise. At least 3.

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