Monday, July 30, 2007

Um...Did I Hear this right?

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So I was catching up on the news on telly this evening and there was an ad for this RLS med, Miraplex. I didn't really pay attention until the list of side effects (b/c honestly...those are the best parts...ok...excepting Botox's "Express Yourself" ads.) I'm only halfway paying attention until I hear "Or if you feel increased gambling, sexual or other urges." Curious ...those are not the usual side effects. Later, I'm flipping networks and come across the Requip ad--and it's almost exactly the same side effects. Excepting Requip might also make you sweaty. So there you are...stuck in traffic, simply trying to steady your legs, sweating, horny and fighting the urge to play nickle slots.

Where can I get a scrip?


anything but poetry said...

My favorites are the prostate medicines: It's your growing problem, and it's our job to shrink it...(of course, in a hyper-masculine voice)...

Radish King said...

I heard that this weekend and I did a double-take. Personally I like the Viagra ads If you sustain an erection for more than four hours please call me.

RJGibson said...

Aaron: I loathe those "do you have a going problem? maybe it's a growing problem" commercials.

The ones that really get me are the ones for people with peeing issues--the "internal plumbing" ones with the freaky CGI people made of pipes. Ugh! If I still did drugs those would prolly have me in a corner nearing meltdown.

Rebecca: Ah yes. Priapism. Few men would think of that as a problem, I'd wager. I do wonder about Cialis tho--it gives you 36 hours for potential erections. It seems to me that's the pharmacalogical equivalent of sitting in a Porsche with your foot on the clutch revving the engine.